Benefits of Coconut Oil on Dogs

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Coconut Oil Benefits on Dogs

Coconut oil has become very popular. It has a lot of benefits and uses not only for humans but also for dogs!

People use raw extra virgin coconut oil for cooking, skin moisturizer, sunscreen or hair treatment. So, what are the health benefits of coconut oil on our dogs and how we can use it?

Before trying coconut oil with your dog make sure your doggies don’t have any allergic reaction. Start with a small amount on the the skin and keep an eye on your dog’s reaction.

Coconut oil is high in good fat, which is good for your dog but like everything in extreme can be bad as well. You can give it to your dog once or twice a day with their food and the amount will depend on their size. We give our 65 pound American Staffordshire 1 tablespoon daily. Use a teaspoon or less for small dogs.  Keep in mind that if you give too much coconut oil, your dog might have diarrhea. 

Coconut Oil will help keep your dog’s hair shiny and glossy

You can apply it directly by rubbing some oil on your hands and into your’s dog fur or giving a little bit with its food. Coconut oil is a great coat conditioner. If your dog has dry skin or dandruff, this oil will help to reduce the dryness and keep their skin hydrated and moisturized. If you want your dog fur to shine you also need to complement it with a healthy diet. We wrote a blog about what to feed your dog called “The Best Tips to Give your Dog a Healthy Shiny Coat”.

Coconut oil contains lauric acid and will also act as a repellent to fleas and ticks.

Coconut oil can improve your dog digestion

Coconut oil is known for helping disorders like colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. It will also help your pup absorb more nutrients from their food.

Coconut oil can help with your dog’s skin allergies

Coconut oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties that might help with your dog’s skin allergies by reducing the fungus and yeast in their coat. Always try to find first the main reason of your dog skin allergies, some of them might food related, insect bites, shampoos, and coconut oil might only help as a second treatment. Consult your vet for severe cases.

It’s a great paw salve

Most people are not used to looking at their dog’s paws but sometimes they need our help. Coconut oil works as a natural moisturizer and softens dog’s paws and it also helps to reduce itchiness and heal them. I rub it on my dog’s paws every month and I will also keep an eye on her until the oil dries so she doesn’t lick it off. It’s better to do it at night when they are tired and trying to sleep so they won’t try to walk as much removing the coconut oil salve.

Coconut oil is a great toothpaste

I use a finger toothbrush and soak it with coconut oil and brush thoroughly my dog’s teeth. She loves the taste and it makes it easier to brush her teeth with it. I use CET toothpaste and Coconut Oil and brush my dog’s teeth with it every other day. For an easier time brushing your dog’s teeth, brush thier teeth at night when they are tired and sleepy, it’s also better to brush them after dinner so their teeth will be cleaned and without food residue for longer.

If your dog doesn’t digest coconut oil very well there are great alternatives like fish oil that is high in Omega 3. Make sure to use extra virgin organic coconut oil. Stay away from refined or processed coconut oil as it can be bleached, overheated past the preferred melt point and chemically processed to increase shelf life. We use Carrington Farms Unrefined Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for ourselves and our dogs.   

You can store coconut oil at room temperature, even after opening, but be aware that coconut oil solidifies when cold so I like to keep it in containers with a wide mouth where I can use a spoon to scoop out the oil.

These are just some of the benefits of coconut oil.  Let us know in the comments if there is anything else you like using coconut oil for.

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