Why I Chose Grain Free Food For My Dog

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Grain Free Food for Pitbull

Our pets nutrition should be a priority. For years we have trusted and believed in food brands that we are now learning have put at risk the health of our pets. We keep hearing about dog food recalls. Why? The dog food industry is not very regulated as it should be and there are loopholes where big companies can take advantage of their users. Dogs and cats do not have a voice to tell us what is best for them. A product will be highly marketed towards humans but often ignore the reason of their existence: a balanced dog food diet.

People often choose a product from a recognizable brand with some targeted keywords like healthy, organic and natural without even looking at the label. This is a big mistake since many of our dogs are not getting enough nutrients, protein and vitamins that they need. In some occasions, their natural system will reject this processed food and will create big health issues such allergies, cancer, diabetes, even death.

What are the top reasons that I chose grain free food?

Grain free dog food helps with dog skin allergies

One of the most common skin allergies on Pit Bulls are food allergies. If your dog presents symptoms like bumps or rash, itchy skin or red paws, your dog might have some sort of food allergy. Consult with your vet to determine if he or she has a grain allergy.

Always read your dog food labels. Make sure named animal protein is the first ingredient on the label. Try to avoid words like meat meal, meat dinner as they don’t provide enough information about the source of the meat. If your dog is having skin allergies, one of the things you can do is to try to change his diet to a grain free one. Choose small local dog food stores who care and are passionate about their products and use human grade ingredients. Avoid anything that uses wheat, soy, and rice. Make sure to check the protein percentage, anything below 20% is probably too low. We give our dog Orijen which is 38% protein and she is doing great. However, every dog is different and what works for one might not work for another. Sometimes dogs are not allergic to grains but other ingredients like Beef or Chicken. Try different brands and see which one is best for your dog. I also like to put a tablespoon of coconut oil every day with her food, coconut oil also helps with their skin allergies and keep their hair glossy and shiny.

Grain free food can improve your dog’s metabolism

Dog with Free Grain Food

Our Pit Bull dog has a sensitive stomach. Certain food will upset her tummy. Since we switched to a better quality grain free dog food brand she is doing great. No more loose stool and no more doggy farts! Oh, yes… She used to fart all the time. Not anymore! Soy, corn and other grains are hard to digest for dogs. Dogs are descents from wolfs and in the wild wolfs diet is based mostly on meat. So, it makes sense that a high protein diet is better for your dog. Corn and wheat were added to the dog kibble as fillers but it doesn’t do much for them.

Grain free good will give your dog more energy

When we first adopted our pit bull, We thought we had the laziest Pit Bull ever. If she could, she would just lay down all day.  After we switched her food she started to have more energy. We were actually very surprised to see her jumping and running around like a puppy. She is still a couch potato for the most part but it’s nice to see some spikes of energy every now and then.

Your dog’s hair will shine

If a food is good for your dog’s health it will show in its fur. Our dog’s hair is shinier than ever. She also used to have some dandruff that went away with her new grain-free diet. We also include a tablespoon of Coconut oil with her food daily and it also improves her fur.

It will help them to lose weight and tone their muscle

Make sure to always read the label as some grain free food will replace grains for potato and other carbs. So if you are trying to make your pooch lose weight a diet high in carbs is not a good option. Also, keep in mind that some high protein diets might have more calories so you might need to reduce the amount of food you give to your dog. When we switched our dog to a high protein diet we noticed she gained some weight since we didn’t reduce the amount of food we were giving her. We quickly learned more about it and reduced the amount, she slowly started to lose weight and gained some muscle. We also make sure to give long walks for her to exercise.

Slowly change your dog’s diet. If you want to start giving him grain free food, start by replacing only 1/4 cup, switch to 1/2 cup and 3/4 to eventually switching completely. Keep an eye on your dog to make sure he is reacting well to the new food. If your dog has any health problem please consult your vet before trying any new food.

There are a lot of companies out there trying to say that corn is good for your dog. I’m always skeptic as corn is cheap and they probably want to keep it in the market. I have personally experienced the difference in my dog’s overall health with this new diet and wouldn’t go back. Grain free dog food might not be for every dog but it is for most.

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