Handy Tips for Brushing your Dog’s Teeth

Pitbull toothbrush
dog teeth cleaning

When is the last time you checked your dog’s teeth? We often forget about the importance of brushing our fur friends teeth and they can develop bad breath and periodontal diseases, which can be very painful. They can’t tell us when their teeth hurt but we can help them to avoid the pain.

The first step you want to do is keep your dog in a calm state, pet him and make him feel comfortable. I like to do this after my dog has been sleeping. After that, you want to prepare your dog for the brushing feeling by touching his gums with the tips of your fingers. Once he is used to the feeling, let smell the dog toothpaste (there are many flavors, if he doesn’t like the taste try another one). Grab his muzzle using your thumb and index finger and brush his teeth.

Remember to brush the back teeth, these are usually the ones that need more attention since the food gets stuck. Your dog might give you more problems with these since you need to open his mouth even more but be calm and stop and repeat if necessary.

If you see your dog is not enjoying the situation just stop and try again later or another day. You don’t want for him to associate the brushing with a bad experience or he will give you more of a struggle. I like to give my dog a treat after we are done as a positive reinforcement.

You should brush your dog’s teeth at least once a week. Don’t forget!

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