Check These Amazing Happy Dog Rescue Stories. September 2017 Edition

Rescue Stories

Adopt Don’t Shop Pets on Instagram was created as an idea to promote animal and dog adoption. We wanted to spread the word about how amazing and caring a rescue dog can be if given the chance. While we’ve always believed in the idea of adopt don’t shop, it wasn’t until we made the move to Miami that we really started to feel as strong as we do. Shortly after moving here to Miami, we started volunteering at Born Free Pet Shelter in South Florida and are so lucky to work with dozens of amazing rescues dogs. Shortly after that, we adopted our dog Maya from a shelter and she changed our lives forever. Maya is a American Staffordshire Terrier who is the sweetest little lover that changes minds about pit bulls daily.

We have received some really amazing rescue stories that were featured on Instagram and wanted to share them on our blog as well! Thank you to everyone that has sent us fun and touching animal and dog rescue stories. Here are a few recent dog rescue stories.

The Rescue Story of Rona, Abby and Bailey.

Dogs Adoption Stories

This is our story about Rona.

We already had one rescue and we thought that we were not ready for another one. We went to our local mall where they were having an adoption event taking place. We decided that we were going to walk around and just look (as we knew we weren’t ready for another) and we looked at all that puppies and we came across Rona. She was 10 months old at the time and there was just something about her that we just couldn’t get past. We left and couldn’t stop talking about her so we decided that we were going to go back and talk to her foster mom and get some information about her. We were in love at that point. We submitted an application and we had to do a meet and greet with our children and our other dog with her. Needless to say that it was a huge success. We were told that she was a Shepherd/Lab Mix. We had a DNA test done on her and she is a Boxer, Chow Chow, Australian Shepherd and Miniature Schnauzer mix. She is absolutely the sweetest dog that we have had. She will be 5 years old in November.

Our story about Abby & Bailey

Abby & Bailey are sisters from the same litter. They were surrendered at 8 weeks old and we adopted them when they were 5 months. We went to Petsmart to get our other 2 dogs food and didn’t realize that they were having an adoption event going on. We were in no way looking for another dog let alone 2 more. We first noticed Bailey and couldn’t get over how much she looked like our other rescue Rona. After talking with her foster mom she told us about Abby that was in the next crate and told us that it was her sister. She gave us their story and said that they have been together all their lives but they would be willing to split them up. We couldn’t imagine separating them as they have formed a bond together and were siblings. They had such a rough life to start with and we just couldn’t think of splitting them up and make things harder on them. So we adopted the sisters together and have to say that they are the sweetest and can’t imagine what life would be without them. They will be 3 years old in January of 2018.

We have a total of 8 rescues all together. We have 4 rescue dogs and 4 rescue cats. Our house is full joy and happiness. They all keep us entertained and I wouldn’t change rescuing any of them.

Visit Kathleen’s cat and dog rescue blog for more information about them at Life Of A Rescue.

Filly’s Rescue Story

It was National Dog Day and me and my boyfriend decided to go to the local Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) to look at some dogs and pups (with absolutely no intention of getting a dog as we live in a small rental house with no fully enclosed yard and we also are not allowed to have pets there). We were there for a while having a look at all the dogs and puppies and I was saying to my boyfriend how I wish we could have one and then he said to me “If we were to get any dog from here it would be this one” and then I saw little Filly sitting there quietly (and as we know the RSPCA is loud with barking dogs) she was so cute and we asked to go in and have a look at her. At this point, we didn’t know anything about her as she didn’t have any info clipped to her kennel.

The RSPCA employees had informed us that she is 2 years old and had been there for 18 months. The original owners didn’t want her as she was quite a small puppy from the litter. They told us that she had been adopted once since she was here but was returned the next day because they said and quote “She’s a terribly behaved dog”. The RSPCA had actually told us that we would need to sign a waiver because of her behavior and that she is potentially un-adoptable if she is returned by us and might have to be put down. Long story short we adopted her. It was a $300 adoption fee but was worth it. I bought Filly a backpack and halti head collar to help with the serve pulling on the lead she had and walked her every single day, she got rules and boundaries but also affection and love. I have studied dog behavior for quite a fair few years and thought that I should put it to the test practically. And after 5-7 patient months of consistency with our routines and rules, she is now the absolute most perfectly behaved dog as well as being an inside dog which the RSPCA had actually informed us that she would never be an inside dog. I can now walk her off leash, we go bush walking, to dog parks she has lots of pup friends we’ve found over Instagram. And now I’ve had her for over a year and she has a wonderful life. I believe we were meant to be together. We have a happy and beautiful life together ahead of us.

You can follow Filly the Pitty on her Instagram here!

A Pair of Pitahoulas Rescue Story

Pitahoula Adoption Story

We are Tembo and Laika, two adopted pitahoulas (pitbull x catahoula leopard dog mixes). Tembo is 9 years old and adopted from Upstate NY where he was in an animal control facility for 7 months. He has slipped discs in his back and gets acupuncture once a week. Although he used to be athletic, he can now only walk 2-3 blocks at a time, but that doesn’t stop him! He has a stroller and still loves long walks in Brooklyn, NY.

Laika is 3 years old and adopted from For Our Friends Rescue by way of Animals of ACCNYC where she was on the at-risk list for a kennel cough. She is goofy and silly and loves her brother Tembo very much. She’s not a big fan of water but got into the ocean and a swimming pool for the first time on our vacation to the Outer Banks, North Carolina!

You can follow Tembo and Laika on their Instagram.


Thank you for sending us your story and thank you for adopting and rescuing these dogs! Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.

If it’s a cute mutt or a purebred dog, a shy dog or an outgoing dog, a couch potato or an energetic dog, a cat, a bunny or a bird, there is a rescue pet out there waiting for you! All of these animals just want the love and attention they deserve and will gladly give it back tenfold. There are absolutely no excuses for not adopting! Check out these dog rescue stories and you will also agree with us! We’re going to be posting our top stories here as well every month, let us know what you think! If you have a story of your own and would like to share, we would love to see it and share your story.

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