The Best Tips to Give your Dog a Healthy Shiny Coat

Shiny Fur Dog
Shiny and Glossy Dog Coat


Your dog’s fur can tell you a lot about his nutrition, physical and emotional state. A healthy and happy dog will most likely have a glossy and shiny coat. Here are some tips to keep maintaining your dog’s coat.



Give your dog balanced and healthy food. Many dog brands do not provide enough protein and healthy fat that help your dog maintain a healthy coat. Make sure to read the label of the food you are buying. Here are some tips that will help you choose your dog food and keep your dog’s coat shiny, healthy and glossy.


Give your dog coconut oil. You can put a tablespoon or less, depending on your dog’s size, in his food every day and/or apply it directly to their skin. Coconut oil provides energy, improves digestion, reduces bad breath, and has many other benefits.  For your dog’s skin and coat, it will help clear up eczema, reduce doggy odor, and help with allergies.

When applied directly on your dog’s coat, it moisturizes the skin and helps to prevent flaking.  It’s also great for spot treating wounds, hot spots, dry skin, bites, and stings.

We like to use Carrington Farms Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as it is 100% organic extra virgin coconut oil. Make sure that you purchase virgin or extra virgin coconut oil.  Here you can find more information about benefits and risks of coconut oil.


Bathe your dog regularly. The frequency depends on of your dog, but you should generally give him a bath once a month. You don’t want to give your four-legged friend too frequent baths as it can dry their skin by removing their natural oils but you want to bath him often enough that it helps with removing dead skin and hair. We use Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo that is soft to the skin and has vitamins that help to make a shiny fur.


Brush your dog regularly. At least once a week or more. It helps to stimulate the scalp and removes the dead hair. Chose the right brush, if he/she has short hair you can use 2-in-1 Combo Brush which we use for our dog. If your dog has long thick hair, you can use this Deshedding Tool, we use this at the shelter we volunteer at and it does wonders. With just a few brushes, you can actually see the dead hair coming out, you don’t need to apply much pressure or brush much with this one.

Finally, make sure your dog is happy. The happier he is, the more chances he gets to have a shiny dog coat. Exercise him and give him lots of love and affection.

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