3 Things you Need to Know Before Choosing your Dog’s Food

Feature Pug Dog eating bone
Pug Dog eating bone

There are so many options for dog food nowadays that is just too overwhelming. Some people would just go for the organic or a recognizable brand which is not necessarily the best options for your pets. So, what should you look for?


1. Avoid Grains

Most vets today recommend that grains and carbohydrates make up a small portion in a dog’s diet. Wheat, corn and soy are hard to digest. It might increase your dog’s calorie count, but is not providing much nutrition. Sometimes, these ingredients are the most used item and we highly advise to look at the label before buying any food. If any grain is listed as the first ingredient you should not buy it.

Some other benefits of grain free diets include keeping your dog feeling fuller for longer, more energy, healthier skin, less shedding, better breath and reduced doggie farts.


2. Look for Fats

A well-balanced diet is essential for your dog’s health. However, some dogs brand are not coming with the necessary fats that your dog needs. A balanced diet should provide 10-15% fat, which will allow your dog to maintain a healthy and shiny hair coat, help with their immune system and for enduring the cold in winter months. A good quality dog food will give your dog a good balance between omega 3 and omega 6. Of course, this diet might not work for every dog, if your dog has special needs, we advise you to contact your vet.

Another tip we’ve learned is to put around a tablespoon of coconut oil in your dog’s food every day. It will help keep his coat nice and healthy!


3. Look for Protein as the First Ingredient

Protein should be the highest food source for your pup and it should be listed as the first ingredient. It’s important to look for one word ingredients that describe the animal itself like beef, salmon, chicken and avoid names like meat, bone, digest, or by-product. It’s also recommendable to look for free range or organic meats, which will provide a better food quality.





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