Top 5 Dog Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Dog Fetch Trick
Dog Fetch

Here are our top 5 dog tricks that every owner should teach. These easy tricks are not only for fun but it will also teach your dog to listen to you better and see you as their pack leader.



Teach your dog how to “Sit”. It is a very simple trick to teach and will help your dog in multiple situations. When we started teaching our dog to stop pulling on the leash, we used the command “sit” when she started pulling too much, it helped to keep her in a calm state. You can teach this treat by holding a one bite size treat in front of his nose. Move the treat slowly above his head, give him a treat as soon as he sits.


Teach your dog to “Stay”.We like to use this command when we are about to go inside of a place. Make sure to never let your dog go first through gates and doorways. We also use it when we are about to feed her, she can have a plate full of food but she has to wait for us to tell her to go and eat it.

To teach this dog trick, you can start by making your dog sit, open your hand in front of him while you say “Stay” and move a few steps backwards. After a few seconds, come back to your dog and give a treat if he stays sitting. Keep repeating this until your dog stays and increase distance if he does.


Teach your dog to lay “Down”. Once you have mastered the “Sit” command you can take a step further and teach him how to lay down. You need to start by making your dog sit. Once he is in this position take a treat and make him follow your hand. Get it close to his nose and slowly go down to the floor, next you should move your hand towards you. Draw an invisible “L” with your hands. Your dog will follow the treat and go down by himself. Avoid using your hands. Give him a treat as soon as he reaches the floor, repeat the word down while doing this trick.


Teach your dog how to “Fetch”. It’s a fun trick and also it’s an easy way to exercise your dog. You start by grabbing a favorite toy (it might be a ball, rope, etc.). Move it around to trying to get your dog’s attention. Once he is interested throw the toy, give him a treat immediately when he grabs it, be ready to catch the toy once your dog releases it to get his treat. Repeat until your dog recognizes the toy as a reward.


Teach your dog how to “Heel”. This dog trick will help you with your daily walks. You can easily start teaching this trick by taking a treat in your hand and put close to your dog nose. Start walking with your hand close to your dog, he will most likely follow you around. Give him the treat after successfully walking several steps.

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