Our Top 5 Adoption Stories First Edition 2018

Rescue Stories

Here are the Top 5 Adoption Stories this year to date! While all the rescue stories are amazing, some of these stories stood out and will melt your heart. Thank you so much for rescuing pets and making the world a better place!

Meet Sinn, the dog who refused to stay behind

“My fiance and I were on our way home from the beach and stopped at the ACCT Philly on Clear The Shelter day. We knew we wanted a dog so we decided to see if anyone there caught our eye. We were walking through the kennels and came upon a little red nose pit bull, he was making so much noise, we couldn’t help but stop. My fiance liked him and I thought he was cute but I was concerned about breed discrimination and the struggles that go along with that so we kept walking. Next thing we know, that little red-nose pit bull was following behind us! Not sure how he got out (we did learn very quickly that he is quite the escape artist) but he knew we were meant to be his family. We took him outside to get to know him better and the volunteers at the shelter explained that he had been returned twice in just a few weeks because he was too hyper and his future was uncertain. Well he had already stolen our hearts so we couldn’t leave him. He came home with us that day almost 2 years ago and all of our lives have changed for the better. He and my fiance are inseparable and he’s spoiled rotten. He loves to snuggle, play tug of war, play with our nieces and nephews and go for car rides and walks in the park. Everything is his favorite food and he loves howling at his Uncle Pepe (my mom’s parrot). He definitely is a ball of energy and he keeps us on our toes but, we wouldn’t change any of it for the world!”

Instagram: @sinn_o._bunz


When a rescuing a dog is so powerful, it inspires you to save a lot more

Three rescue dogs

“After around 10 years after passing of my beloved amstaff, I was ready to become a dog mom. I searched for months through shelters of the country I live in, but there was only one dog that I felt even a bit of connection and I was denied the adoption due being a student. I found my first born puppy by accident and I got her from a breeder right in time, because she was close to 5 months already and already considered to be kept for further breeding. I knew from one tiny photo that she is my soulmate and I was absolutely right, going on 4 years now. We went through a lot together, she saved me from depression, I saved her from multiple health issues and together we decided to rescue many more.

Inspired by my Josie, I created a non-profit organization (no profit at all org.) that helps homeless dogs from Lithuania (where I am from) find homes in Denmark (where I live). So it happened, that the very first dog adopted was by me. It was a love at first photo again, long waiting and finally picking her up on my birthday, after spending the day on the plane to her. She fit in perfectly and she opened the way to others to find happiness. Now, around 20 dogs later, I have one more arriving to a new home soon and one foster dog coming to me. My third dog, Lucy, was also a foster that I took in last September, breaking golden rule not to take in foster dogs that I would like myself. But so it happens, she was also meant to be and against all odds, I just could not give her away.

It is not easy, the dynamics are not there yet, as Lucy is very complicated dog coming from clearly abusive and hard past, BUT we are working on it and making it work. For now, I am not planning to expand my family anymore, but we are going to continue to do what we can to help those in need. And my 3 beautiful girls at age of 5-4-3 are the best advertising for adoption, and we spread this message daily 🙂

So, hoping our story will interest you and hopefully it would inspire someone else to give a shelter dog a chance :)”

(Photo from left – Lucy (latest addition), Josie (my first born aka Brain), Sjuzi (first adopted via my 4 Beloved Paws, aka Pinky) )

Instagram: @sanmus


Bruno didn’t have an easy life but now he is a star

Bruno dog

“We found Bruno online in need of a quiet place to recover outside of the Pet Resort he was being boarded at through Devine Destiny Rescue. Bruno was found as a stray in SC being fed behind a restaurant with a few other dogs. He wasn’t granted much time due to his agitated state inside the kennel. The day he was supposed to be euthanized, DDR pulled him from there and brought him to Pittsburgh, PA. He was there for about a year with no interest and eventually developed heartworm. That’s when we found him and nursed him back to health. By the time he was supposed to go back to the shelter we had already fallen in love. Bruno was nick named “Satan” in his shelter in SC because he was so crazy. He is the laziest and most cuddly dog I’ve ever met 🙂 He is our first dog and first experience with rescue. His situation proved to us how different dogs can be when put in a loving situation and why they deserve a second chance outside of a shelter. Bruno is now the star of a new campaign called Bruno And His Beans being launched in January with Lief Coffee. He will be teaming up with different rescues throughout the year with proceeds going to these rescues to help other dogs like him.”

Instagram: @bruskidog @briannemcl


Like Arnold, many small breeds become fear aggressive in shelters but they blossom in a home

Arnold the pomchi

“Arnold was surrendered to a rescue group in South Carolina at just a year and a half. All he knew in his short life was neglect and abandonment. He lived with a foster family who showed him unconditional love and compassion until it was time to travel north to New York with 50 other dogs to a well-known animal shelter on Long Island. The shelter was a very scary environment for Arnold, he reacted out of fear and many staff members were cautious around him. After being neutered and medically cleared, he made his way to the adoption floor. I was working at the shelter at the time Arnold arrived and fell in love with him instantly. We quickly became inseparable and I knew I was taking him home with me. I’ve had Arnold for about 6 months now and he’s blossomed into a well adjusted, confident dog. His fear reactivity is at a minimum and he now enjoys meeting new people. Since transitioning to a raw diet 6 months ago he looks better than ever before. His coat is soft, shiny, tangle free. His teeth are in excellent condition, and his tear stains are now non-existent! Arnold is my pride and joy. He’s a star example of what love and a healthy diet can do for a shelter dog.”

Instagram: @arnoldthepomchi


These are Dipper and Miles showing the Instagram world the beauty of rescue mutts

rescue mutts

“Hi! Dipper and Miles are our two adopted dogs! Miles, the black one, was thrown out of a car when he was only a month old and Dipper was abandoned after the hurricanes in Texas. Both of these dogs have this undeniable loyalty and immediate trust that I wish I saw in more humans. Dipper is so happy to be loved and have a home and family. Miles will defend us with his life and his loyalty is admirable. Rescue dogs truly are like no other dog in the world. Each personality is completely unique. I learn something new from these animals every day and I truly believe in the message adopt don’t shop. I’m inspired by California and their decision to outlaw puppy mills and breeders. There are so many homeless dogs that need to be loved. I just started an Instagram page for rescues and mutt representation in the Instagram dog world. We so many beautiful photos of pure bred Australian Shepard’s. But not enough good photos of mutts and rescue dogs.”

Instagram: @Pupsinthepines

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