Why Adopt a Dog? Once You Read This It Will Change Your Mind About Buying Dogs

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why adopt a dog

There are millions of dogs in shelters today waiting to be adopted. Meanwhile, most people don’t know much about shelters and the importance to adopt a dog. Getting puppies from a pet store is NOT OK. They most likely come from a puppy mill, some of them are inbred and come with many health issues. It’s up to us to reduce the number of dogs being killed every day in shelters. I know, you might be scared of getting an older dog in which you probably don’t know much about its past or you really want a specific breed. However, shelters nowadays provided many adoptions and foster options for everybody. Here is a list of reasons why you should adopt a dog and not shop.

“You can’t buy love but you can rescue it”

Adopt a dog = Save a life

2.7 million dogs are being euthanized only in the United States every single year. You can’t save them all, but you can save a dog’s life. By adopting this dog, you are changing its world forever. If we can change our behavior and adopt a dog instead of buying one, this number will decrease exponentially.

The good news is that there are cities like Phoenix and San Francisco that are already doing something about it. In these cities, the only dogs allowed to be sold in Pet Stores are rescue dogs. Isn’t that great!

Rescuing a dog instead of buying will help to reduce the inhumane puppy mills

Most puppy mills are not regulated and dogs live with pretty bad health conditions. They don’t care about the dogs at all. These dogs are kept in dirty, small cages with little or no human interaction which develops behavioral problems. They keep breeding the puppy moms for years and when they can’t breed anymore, they just abandon them or kill them.

There is only one reason the puppy mills exist and that is because there are many people buying dogs online or from a pet store. Please don’t buy a dog from a pet store, do not support animal cruelty, don’t give them money to mistreat an animal! Here is an extensive article from Rolling Stones Magazine about an investigation of the puppy mills. It will open your eyes.

You will make a dog happy. Just look at the before and after adoption pictures

Most dogs get very depressed after spending some time at the shelters. Dog faces and expression at kill shelters are even worse. Somehow they have that death smell in the air and it’s terrifying. You can see them shaking, facing walls and whining. Most rescue places are overcrowded and the people who work or volunteer there don’t have much time to spend with these dogs. Some get into the shelter when their so called “family” abandons them because they are too old or are moving away. These dogs don’t understand what they did wrong and go into depression.

My favorite part of working as a volunteer is seeing the before and after adoption pictures. Look at these dogs after being taken to a new home! These dogs really do blossom after they are loved and cared for a new family. If you have an adoption story and/or before and after pictures, make sure to send it to us so we can post it on our Instagram! Just head over to our contact page or email us at woof@HappyRescueTails.com.

Want a specific breed? No problem you can find it at Breed Specific Shelters and Rescues too

Even though you can find all types of breeds and sizes in regular shelters, you’ll have better chances to get that breed you want so much at Breed Specific Shelters and Rescues. A place like Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue that saves Golden Retriever dogs who were abandoned, mistreated or neglected. Sometimes you can even find puppies in these types of shelters!

They learn to love again!

dogs before and after adoption

Even though they were betrayed once from their old owners, they still have so much love to give and they learn to love you as much as they did before. Some of them might have been in different foster homes and have different families. Give them some time for them to trust you and learn you are their new and final family. Here are some tips on how can you help your rescue dog to transition into a new home.

Our rescue dog was always loving but after 3 months with her, we could really see that she opened to us. She had more energy and started whining for attention. We felt like she finally realized we were her forever family.

Most pets are home trained

Contrary to the common belief, most of these dogs are home trained. Most of them had a family and a lived in a house before. So, many people (myself included) are surprised when they see their new rescue dog is potty trained and house trained.

We never had to potty train our adopted dog. She was 3 years old when we rescued her and we were just so thrilled that we were able to skip the whole potty training and house training process. Even if they were stray or do need some training, don’t believe the old saying. You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Most rewarding feeling ever

Man holding chihuahua

If you adopt a pet, you will not only change the world for one pet but you will also help to advocate about shelters. There has been so many times that we had strangers asking us where did we buy our pet and we are always so happy to tell them that we adopted her from a kill shelter.

Also, the feeling of knowing that you saved a life and seeing your dog being so happy and loving after being adopted is so amazing! Honestly, after you do it once, you’ll never buy a dog again.

Not sure yet? Don’t worry, you can foster a dog

If you are not sure about adopting a dog, try fostering a dog! Shelters don’t have the time to provide the exercise and love that the dogs need and some of them get a little overweight, depressed or scared of people. You can help these dogs by providing a temporary home. Usually, shelters take care of their medical bills if necessary and you only need to provide love, food, and toys. Animal volunteers and advocates are always looking for fosters that can help to save a life in high kill shelters where time is of the essence. Perfectly healthy dogs die because nobody steps up. Fostering saves lives!

There are a lot more reasons why to adopt a dog. The best way to find them is by adopting one.

Have any adopting stories? Leave us a comment, we love to hear happy tails news!

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